Dropping Dropbox Part III

Last we left off, I was in search of a new solution for secure cloud storage, given that the last product I’d picked turned out to be less than ideal. Since one of my main complaints was the unreliability of the Tresorit clients, I decided to look again at finding a way to use one of the big-name services. That means I need a way of encrypting my files locally before sending them over to the enemy.

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Dropping Dropbox Part II

Looking back over my post on dropping Dropbox, I feel a tinge of shame. There is so much hope in that post. It turns out that while the pace of software development has quickened and the quantity of app alternatives is increasing, the quality of those choices might not be keeping up. Making a piece of software might be easy, but making a good piece of software remains difficult. I won’t apologize for my starry-eyed optimism, but I’ll at least relate my less-than-ideal real-world experience in searching for a new cloud storage provider.

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Dropping Dropbox

Dropbox recently updated it’s terms and conditions. They included an arbitration clause (with an option to opt-out within 30 days, although it’s not clear whether new users would get that option), along with a restriction on class action law suits by its users (no opt out here). I am a paying user of its services, but I’ve already removed my automatic renewal and will switch to another service when my current term expires in the next couple months.

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